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Lizz is extremely PASSIONATE about this incredible industry and absolutely adores sharing her passion, wisdom, experience, GUIDANCE and more with her hard-working clients.

Let's do the work and JUMP IN!

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master classES


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1 - ON - 1 TRAINING 

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Working with Lizz Picini has been the greatest investment in my training by far! By developing pickup skills and details in a quick audition setting, training with her has made me a completely different performer. I would not be nearly as competitive in this industry if not for her dedication, passion and support in our training together. Lizz is not only the best of the best in terms of teachers and choreographers, but her positivity, while holding you to the highest of standards, is what really makes her an incomparable asset to your training and the industry as a whole. ~ Viktoria C.




Lizz is absolutely brilliant at everything she does, so it’s no surprise how wonderful of a mentor she is! It has been so incredible and such a gift to have the perspective and guidance of someone who so wonderfully works on both sides of the table. She has completely changed the way that I approach the industry and my career! Lizz sees everyone as a person first, and strikes the perfect balance of lifting me up but also knowing when it’s really a push that I need. In the last year I have become a stronger and more confident dancer and person, and I owe so much of that growth to Lizz and the work we’ve done together. ~ Keighley N.




Lizz is everything anyone could ever hope for as a teacher- she’s so kind, patient, loving, amazing (of course!), and creates such an extraordinary learning environment. Ever since I started my private sessions with her, I’ve felt so much more confident in not only my dancing ability, and self, but also picking up choreography much faster. I always look forward to my private sessions - it’s always the highlight of my week! Being able to train with Lizz is such a dream. ~ Olivia C.




Lizz instantly lights up a room with her radiant energy and abundance of positivity. My confidence since working with her has been so much better, along with a myriad of other things like retaining choreography, focus, and dynamics. Whether I’m in a class or a private session, I always leave with a newfound sense of joy! ~ Kathryn C.



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Lizz Picini is the best mentor anyone could ask for. Her guidance and support have helped me navigate the performance industry and prepare for a long-lasting career in this field. Lizz is professional, kind, and inspiring both as a teacher and mentor. She is truly one of a kind! ~ Natalie L.



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As dancing can be mentally challenging, Lizz makes sure that my head space is always cleared and ready to dance and if it isn’t, her uplifting words will change my mind set quickly. ~ Erica E.


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